BSNL Elders Group (eGroup ) was formed on 27th May 2009 under the chairmanship of Mr Navalshankerbhai Vyas. It ran for about one and a half years and then became dormant for a while so the Board of Trustees re-launched it again on 18th of September 2012 under the chairmanship of Mr Vinodbhai Mehta. Thanks to our members interest and enthusiasm it has flourished well and has reached full capacity with many on our waiting list.

Our aim is to give our members a great day out – one that is packed with fun and enjoyment and a delicious vegetarian lunch – a day of bhajan, bhojan and manoranjan – where members feel comfortable amongst friends and where they can celebrate our festivities as well as their own private achievements and functions and have a nice time.

Currently we meet every Tuesday at BSNL House. Our time table starts with elders yoga (eYoga) from 9.30 to 11.00 followed by the main eGroup session from 12.00 to 16.00. Our Manoranjan programs include singing, poetry, film songs, chintan, antakshri, games, jokes, etc). We are very lucky to have many talented musicians amongst us. From time to time we also have presentations and discussions on various topics. We celebrate all our Hindu Festivals and make sure everyone has a good time. And for the past two years we have also taken our members on holidays abroad.

We have a small Sub-Committee to help run our Elder Group comprising of Vinodbhai Mehta (Chairman), Shashikantbhai Mehta (in charge of Manoranjan), Kailashbhai Thaker (in charge of Catering and Dining), Nirmalaben Rawal (in charge of Elders Yoga (eYoga)), Harshadraybhai Shukla (in charge of Membership), Prafulaben Purohit (in charge Administration), Mukundbhai Mehta (in charge of Special Events & Celebrations) and Bhartiben Vyas (Feel Good Advisor). And we have lots of volunteers who are always willing and eager to help.

We are very grateful for all the support we are getting from our Trustees, members, various donors and our volunteers.

Membership to our Elders Group is open to all BSNL members over the age of 60. Those wishing to join should complete our eGroup application form asap.

For more information or to make a lunch donation to our eGroup please or call him on 07770730202.

Vinod Mehta (Chairman BSNL Elders Group)