To join BSNL click on the membership form link, complete it and send it with a cheque to:

Mr Hitesh Purohit
The Membership Trustee,
1 Pinner Park Avenue, Harrow
Middlesex, HA2 6LG
Tel: 07882 571 234

For new memberships : New Membership Application Form 2016-2017

For renewals of membership : Membership Renewal Form 2016-2017

NOTE: Membership of the Society is subject to approval by the Membership Committee of BSNL

Current Fees:

Membership Period: 1st September 2015 to 31st August 2016
Annual Membership Fees: £7.50 per person (over 18 years)
Life Membership Fees: £251.00 per person (over 18 years)