If you would like more information about an event or anything that is happening in the samaj contact us by email at info@bsnl.org.uk.

BSNL Hall Address

128 East Lane
North Wembley
Charity Registration No 287810

Chairperson : Gunvant Bhai Dave
Mobile: 07877 565747
email: chairman@bsnl.org.uk or gunvantdave@hotmail.com

Secretary: Harendra K Raval
Mobile: 07956 428050
email: secretary@bsnl.org.uk or hraval@hotmail.com

Treasurer: Ramnik Joshi
Mobile: 07862 235070
email: ramnikjoshi@hotmail.com

Hall Hire
Hall booking Tel No: 020 83851900,
Mobile: text details to  07483 904979 (response will be within 48 hours)
email: hall@bsnl.org.uk

Contact Hitesh Purohit
Mobile: 07882 571234
email: membership@bsnl.org.uk


Contact: Mrs. Anjana Thaker 
Mobile: 079498302

email address  Abhilasha@bsnl.org.uk
Culture Club
Contact: Mrs Trupti Joshi
Mobile: 07947 807147
email: truptijoshi@yahoo.co.uk

Elders Group
Contact: Vinod Mehta
Mobile: 07770 730202
email: mr.vinod.mehta@gmail.com

Young Brahmins (YB’s)
Chairperson: position vacant

Please contribute – This is your opportunity, This is your Samaj please contribute and get in touch!

The website is one means of communication for all our members, this gives you the opportunity to contribute or make an announcement or maybe provide an item. Any suggestions or ideas are welcomed! In addition to the website the Samaj has its own newsletter. Any submissions are subject to editorial control and amendment.

Any feedback or comments regarding website please contact yshukla@data2info.co.uk